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WABers Tell Your Friends .....


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Last Saturday, we were all having a blast, meeting, mingling,without a care in the world.

This Saturday,TODAY, right now, I just got home from a 10hr shift at Heinen's.I run the Meat Department in their #1 volume store. Im beat, bruised,and bummin.What a difference in just 7 days.I had a great week, thinking about everything that happened last Saturday, it was like a dream,so surreal.Darlene and I locked up all the mail servers thursday night when she sent 83 fantastic pictures to me.I look back, and would rate last weekend in my top 3 experiences of my 50 yrs.Thanks to EVERYONE, once again.

And now.....lets get this TOUR goin.....

Danny Sidoti

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A couple of factors kept me back -

1. Being a Catholic church organist and music director, my job entails playing a late Saturday afternoon Mass as well as two Sunday Morning Masses. It would cost me out of pocket to hire a sub for the day, which right now I can't afford.

2. My daughters' birthdays are 8/11 and 8/12.

Otherwise, I would have LOVED to go. One of these years *sigh*


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