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Greetings from NYC!!

Billy K.

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Hi, everybody, this is Billy, right here in Bryant Park NYC!!

Anyway, what a long, strange trip it's been----

to paraphrase a lyric from some other well-known

rock band.

It's about 12:30pm right about now. Sun is bright, and in the high 80s.

Ended up having to go via both San Francisco, and LA but got sleeper First Class seats between LAX and JFK(yeah!)took the train into the city...putzed around a bit.

And then a series of wrong direction. Stupid me, forgot the address of the Milford Plaza(the quasi-

headquarters of the Raspberries fans). Asked a few people on the street. FInally got someone that gave me directions.....

Happened to be a German tourist....who gave me the directions to the Plaza(near Central Park, and a hotel that was being remodeled). Unfortunately, the good-intentioned directions were for the wrong place...but nonetheless, it was good to have a nice walk out in the sun.

Ended up taking a cab to the Milford Plaza(which was still reasonable to get to). Called on the house phone, tried to call Marvin, but he had not checked in yet.

Decided to head on back, and check out a few things before I check into my hotel. As I was walking down 42nd St. I see the BB King's sign, and there are two trucks parked in front of it.

One was a blank white truck, and the other was from SIR(Studio Instrument Rentals).

Sure enough, I see these flight cases with "Raspberries" painted on the sides of them.

Wasn't looking for the load-in, not to mention not

intending to be in that spot at the time. But sure enough, I was at the right place at the right time.

Just thought I'd let you know that all equipment was all loaded into the club by 11:15am.

Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me, but that's how it goes.

Some unexpected things about NYC. It was really hot and humid in the train tunnels---I expected worse when I came up, but as it turns out, it is absolutely perfect today!!

Internet access is practically non-existent, comparatively speaking, in NYC. Has almost nothing, considering the population of the Big Apple. But I guess when you've been to Austin, and live in Seattle/Tacoma, you are spoiled with being in the most-wired cities. Had a heck of a time finding anything with access here.

Had a bit of a sticker shock when I went to TGIF.

Was hot and thirsty and ordered a beer. Turns out they charge $7.35 for a Sam Adams. Whoa! There are no bands playing, and this is not a strip club either.....and not Utah where it is heavily regulated...so how can they justify charging that much for a beer???

Well, it's T-minus 7-plus hours and counting. Just getting ready to have a quick bite to eat and take a nap.

I will be wearing a yellow Seattle T-Shirt for those folks that are looking for me....

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I'm at the Milford Plaza too, and walked past Bryant Park a few times today. There's a cyber cafe near the hotel, and the hotel itself has high speed internet access, $10.95 for 24 hours. Since they charge by the minute for local calls here, it was cheaper for me to pay the $10.95 than to log onto their phone system.

I walked all day, took pics of the cooler buildings, and was pretty much a typical tourist. I ran into Marvin, Gina, and a few others earlier at BB's. Saw Jim Bonfanti there too. I had lunch there, the food wasn't bad at all. I asked for a 2nd cup of coffee, and the server said "we don't do refills, you're gonna be charged for that!" haha

I'm a coffee hound, what can I say?

I'm not real impressed with the hotel, they make it look way better on their website than it is, but I'm only here for a day, I can manage.

As predicted, I'm not getting in line to sweat for an hour or so. I'm here in my jammies with soaking wet hair and a beer. laugh

I'll head to the show in an hour or so.

That's it for now, see ya tonight!

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Ran into Mammacote, as and a couple of others.

Great concert, though! Wow! Right now, it's about 1115pm....I am at the Easy Internet, which happens to be right across the street from BB King's....cheap rates here, and a massive amount of internet access terminals. But still, the number of locations of internet access still isn't many in this city...

"Overnight Sensation" was arguably the best song of the set, along with GATW. "I Can Remember" came off well, too. Wally had flubbed in a spot of "If You Should Change Your Mind".....but came back with a vengeance the rest of the set. Had a really pained look on his face at that spot.

It was kind of sneaky of teasing people into suspecting that they were going to play "Bang a Gong"...instead went into "Making it Easy"...but

that made the show more interesting.....

Vocals were tight overall. Dave, though was plagued low mike levels at spots. And the mix was overall good....in fact not overly loud.....

but still rocked. More to come...gotta get to bed soon!

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Great show. The four berries went up alone again, this time for 3 numbers (Please Mr Postman, You're Gonna Lose That Girl, Twist and Shout).

Sound was very good tonight, nothing like Cleveland last week.

The band was excellent, and Eric was in fine voice indeed.

Cameras were allowed, so I got a bunch of good photos. Meet and Greet allowed a quick hello to the band and one photo.

I'll be back tomorrow. Great show guys. Thanks for being there!

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Great show...Met a lot of you characters there tonight...Cant picture Eric singing his heart out like this for two nights in a row...Sat near Wally and he seemed to be pissed all night...Mix was great and ears did not hurt afterwards...Ecstacy was a real winner...Seems like there is very little interplay between the members...Are they getting along at this point?...Great opening slide/video montage with Bonfanti slamming into the opening of "I Wanna Be With You" at a simoultaneous spot in the video's soundtrack...A nice introduction by Dennis Elses who was sitting at a table with DJ Scott Shannon...Also Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli were ther and introduced...Cant wait till tomorrow...

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Five years ago, I FINALLY was able to attend a concert featuring Eric Carmen, when Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band came to New Jersey. Although I was very excited to hear Eric sing in person, a few of the fans appeared to be more interested in only hearing Ringo sing. Last evening, when I attended my first Raspberries' concert, the audience this time was DEFINITELY interested in hearing the Raspberries' sing their greatest hits. It was so exciting to be surrounded by other people who shared my love of the Raspberries' songs. My head was bopping and bobbing so much during the evening, that I must have looked like a bobble-head doll. Although some of my friends consider me to be a Raspberries fanatic, after attending last evening's concert I'm afraid that I just can't compete with some of their more knowledgeable fans.

The song format appeared mostly to be that Eric would sing lead vocals on every other song, and in between, either Dave or Wally would take a turn and sing one of their lead songs. It was so wonderful to finally hear some of my favorite music "Go All The Way", "Let's Pretend", "I Wanna Be With You", "Tonight", "Nobody Knows", "If You Change Your Mind", "I Can Remember" and "Ecstacy" sung live. At one point, I did have some concern for the group's mental health. They sung the song "It's Cold Outside" in the middle of a July concert in 80 degree heat. :-) Gee, I was hoping the RASPBERRIES' summer song "On The Beach" would have been sung instead? :-( Up until "It's Cold Outside", I was dancing up a storm. Unfortunately, I never heard that song before, and it just didn't feel like a Raspberries concert at that moment in time. However, as soon as another Raspberries' song was sung, the overjoyed feelings came sprouting out again. There was another lull for me when the three Beatles songs were sung (even though I do enjoy hearing the Beatles sing the Beatles songs), but "Go All The Way" brought me back into the Raspberries frame of mind. Along with "On The Beach" (which I consistantly play over and over again on my CD player), I really missed hearing "Don't Want To Say Goodbye", "I Reach For The Light", "I Saw The Light" and "Starting Over". Oh well, hopefully these songs will be included in the next Raspberries' concert tour in seated concert halls.

The band members appeared to me to enjoy sharing this experience with one another. Eric mentioned how much the band members loved each other and missed singing together. I did notice Eric interacting with Wally (singing backup vocals on Dave's lead vocal songs) and Eric sharing a microphone with Dave (on Wally's lead vocal songs).

On the way home, walking on the Manhattan sidewalks and riding on the train, I kept singing Raspberries' songs and bobbing my head. After I got off the train, it suddenly occurred to me that I may have been viewed by others to have been some kind of nut who was talking to himself. Worse yet, singing the lyrics to suggestive Raspberries' songs may have given the man sitting next to me in the train, the impression that this heterosexual man was making a pass at him. Yikes!

Overall, this concert was a dream come true! It was a delicious evening, to whet my appetite for even more Raspberries' concerts in the future. Thanks Eric, Wally, Dave & Jim for these enjoyable musical moments in my life!

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Silly bear, "It's Cold Outside" was a really slick move....the unsuspecting/casual fans that don't know better probably had thought it was a number from an old British invasion band---had an announcement not been made.

And yes, it would have been nice to hear "Come Around and See Me" on either day---especially with the extra musicians present.

On saturday's show, the reaction among the casual

fans and curiousity seekers was quite interesting.

A lot of them had their mouths wide open in a positive sense of disbelief......

So, people were won over!! Wow!

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