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Your 1st Records! Music Tastes 2


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JuliaABM--I still have my Herman's Hermits 45 that I bought new. "Henry The Eighth" on one side, and a good 'b' side, "End Of The World". "Henry The Eighth" is one of those songs you don't want to start singing right before bed or you're not going to get any sleep for a few hours afterwards...So why am I typing this at 12:46 in the morning...Not too smart, Kirk.

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Hi, Kirk ~ I don't remember playing HTE as much as I used to play "Silhouettes'. I used to play it almost constantly. Whenever I hear it now, it takes me straight back to my childhood. smile A few years later I can remember getting hooked on "My Sentimental Friend', "Here Comes the Star', and "Years May Come, Years May Go', which I once knocked a bottle of Lucozade over and damaged it. frown

Another favourite 45 from my childhood is Jim Reeves, 'I Love You Because', which is especially poignant for me.

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Julia you've brought back some fond memories by mentioning Jim ("He'll Have to Go") Reeves. My dad was a very big Country music fan and Jim's music was played a great deal in our house. I know that Jim was extremely popular in England, and when we were living there, that's when my dad first heard that beautiful, mellow voice.


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There's a story about my first album and single. I started listening to Top 40 radio in December 1962, and the local station was featuring the "Sherry" album by The Four Seasons.

I went to a local department store with my allowance money, determined to buy it, but they didn't have it. So I bought my first 45 instead, "Big Girls Don't Cry." (This worked out in a way, as the B-side, "Connie-O," wasn't on the "Sherry" album.) Then a few days later, I bought the album as well!

Second single I bought was "He's So Fine" by The Chiffons. Then there was a bit of a gap till I got "Meet the Beatles" as a birthday present in February 1964. I got "The Ventures in Space" as a Christmas present later that year.

I would say that I got my true record-buying mania in gear when I bought "Having a Rave-up" by The Yardbirds and "Big Hits, High Tide and Green Grass" by The Rolling Stones in 1965.

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Off the top of me head: (yes, "they're coming to take me away" for the last two)

First albums:

Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends, Scarborough Fair

Beatles - Revolver

Beatles - Sgt Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour (Dad's coworker begged him to take them home and tape them... "you'll love them!" )

Beatles - Abbey Road

Beatles - Hey Jude

Badfinger - Straight Up

First 45's:

Beatles - Come Together/ Something

Van Morrison - Domino

Beatles - Get Back

Steam - Na na hey hey

Bouys - Timothy

Bloodrock - DOA

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First 45 my dad bought for me: "No Matter What" by Badfinger, followed in quick succession by "Candida" (Tony Orlando & Dawn) and "Hey Jude/Revolution."

First 45 I bought with my own $$$, "Smoke From A Distant Fire" by the Sanford Townsend Band.

First album that my dad bought for me, "Introducing the Beatles", followed by "Fresh."

First album that I bought with my own $$$, "One of These Nights" by the Eagles.


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Wasnt allowed by my parents to buy LP's...So I settled for singles...1st three


ONLY IN AMERICA-Jay and the Americans


When I earned my own money-1st three LP's-


Let It Be

No Dice...Speaking of IVEYS...I remember searching everywhere to find a copy of the Maybe Tomorrow single because it had STORM IN A TEACUP on the B-side...

First concet...Three Dog Night/T-REX

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It’s great to see Nazareth on the list. We went to see them last Thursday and they’re still great. Their version of Love Hurts is fab. We’ve seen a tribute band T-Rextacy for years now and the lead singer looks amazingly like Marc Bolan ~ the looks, the hair, the build, and the sound. They are hugely popular here.

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