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Your 1st Records! Music Tastes 2


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My first 5 record albums were:

1) Raspberries Best With Eric Carmen

2) Billy Joel The Stranger

3) Eric Carmen (Debut)

4) Kiss Double Platinum

5) The Monkees (Debut)

First 45's

1) Nights on Broadway Bee Gees

2) Bohemiam Rhapsody Queen

3) Cold As Ice Foreigner

4) She Did It Eric Carmen

5) Calling Dr Love Kiss

1st 8 Tracks:

1) Fleetwood Mac Rumours

2) Steely Dan's Greatest

3) Deep Purple (debut)

4) Hocus Pocus Focus

5) Fleetwood Mac (debut 1975)

1st Cassettes

1) This is Spinal Tap

2) Surfin Hits of the 60's

3) The best of the Ventures

4) The Cars Greatest Hits

5) Aerosmith Greatest Hits

First CD's

1) Abacab Genesis

2) Moving Pictures Rush

3) Zeppelin 4 Led Zeppelin

4) Perfect Strangers Deep Purple

5) Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd

First Complete Collections on CD

1) Genesis

2) Beatles

3) Rush

4) Led Zeppelin

5) Raspberries & Eric Carmen (this was a challenge in the early 1990's as they were all Japan imports)

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How I'll never forget! Starting at the age of 6, I received over the next two years:

1. KISS- Love Gun

2. KISS- Alive II

3. KISS- Double Platinum

4. KISS- The Solo Albums (all wrapped individually at Christmas, yeah!)

5. KISS- Dynasty

See, I was VERY fortunate to have parents who have great musical tastes so the records that I also gravitated to growing up were:

1. Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Greatest Hits

2. Neil Diamond- Hot August Night

3. John Denver- An Evening with John Denver

4. Eagles- Their Greatest Hits 1971-75/Hotel California

5. A Motown Classics compilation

Just a few..


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I remember my first two albums which were given to me as gifts were The Partrdge Family Album & Frampton Comes Alive. The next three I owned were:

Suitable For Framing - Three Dog Night

Don't Shoot Me - Elton John

Demon's and Wizards - Uriah Heep

The first 45's that I owned (again as gifts) were Catch A Tiger By The Tail by Buck Owens (lol) and a very very rare song called Twenty-four Hour Service by ?????. I think I still have that 45, but it is in terrible condition. When my brother brought a big box of 45's home that he borrowed from a friend, I remember being blown away by:

25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago

Love Grows - Edison Lighthouse

Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin - Crazy Elephant

Patches - Clarence Carter

Hang On To Your Life - Guess Who

I Wanna Be With You - Raspberries (of course)

My top 3 albums (not including Greatest Hits):

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

Vital Signs - Survivor

Revolver - Beatles (even though I love Rubber Soul)

My top 3 Greatest Hits albums:

Raspberries Best featuring Eric Carmen

Best Of The Guess Who

Best Of Bread

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I can't really remember my first records. A lot of my first pop records I inherited from my older brother; Dean Martin - Houston, Herb Albpert - Whipped Cream and Other Delights, The Beatles - Rubber Soul and Pepper, some Bond soundtracks. I had a Disney compilation I used to play a lot as well. I remember the Siamese cat song from "The Aristocats"? I had tons of 45s, mostly The Beatles. The first album I bought with my own money was "The Beatles" (white album) I was surprised when I got it home as I didn't know a single track on it. I thought for sure "Hey Jude" and the fast "Revoltion" were going to be on it!

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Also getting into the 'way-back' machine, my first few:

4-track: Beatles- Hard Day's Night

Album: Beach Boys- live

45: Surfin' Safari or Surfin' USA

Interesting selections from the era:

Album: Music Machine- Talk Talk

45: They're Coming To Take Me Away!


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First record was "Meet the Beatles" with the green Capitol label.

First CD was the original British version of the same album, "With the Beatles." I bought it before I even had a CD player.

First cassette I bought was "Raspberries" (the sticker album), followed closely by Grand Funk's "We're An American Band."


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first albums

1)Glenn Campbell - Galveston

2)Jesus Christ Superstar (brown one)

3)Englebert Humperdinck's Greatest

4)Bay City Rollers (first Arista album)

5)Beatles Blue Album

6)Beatles Red album on Red Vinyl


1)Beatles - Revolution

2)Conquistador - Procol Harem

3)MAggie May - Rod Stewart

4)We Are the Champions - Queen

5)All the Young Dudes - Mott the Hoople

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First 45 my dad bought for me: "No Matter What" by Badfinger, followed by "Candida" by Tony Orlando & Dawn and "Hey Jude/Revolution."

First 45 I bought with my own $$$, "Smoke From A Distant Fire" by the Sanford Townsend Band."

First album that my dad bought for me, "Introducing the Beatles", followed by "Fresh."

First album that I bought with my own $$$, "One of These Nights" by the Eagles.


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Gosh, at least you guys had LPs as your fist albums. My first were 8 tracks! of the Beatles 67-70 compliation; Elton John, I think was Madman across the water; Cat Stevens, I think Teaser & Firecat ... and my first somewhat "off beat" 8 track, was Badfingers Magic Christian Music.

Remember those 8 tracks ? (Kathy, at only being 19 you wouldn't remember them haha ) where more usual than not, 4 of the songs on the albums were split, and faded out halfway into the song, then the track would change, then it would fade back in laughlaugh ?

Thise were the days ....

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Carmen/Raspberries fans obviously have common music genes as I too think Love Grows is as good as pop music gets.

RE: "Hot August Night"..should have mentioned this on the Live Recordings thread..Neil Diamond is another one of those guys whose music is on another level live...."Travelin Salvation Show" rocks live!

First 45: "Dizzy", Tommy Roe & Shondels.. still love the song

First Album: I think it was "Fool For The City", Foghat

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I'm older than you guys. When I was 11 I began buying '45s, because that was all I could afford.

My very first was All I Have To Do Is Dream by The Everly Brothers, then "Dream Lover" by Bobby Darin. (I was always a dreamer.) These songs conjured up a certain boy who was concertmaster of my junior high orchestra. Ahhh...It was later that I lived for Beach Boys, The Lettermen, Beatles and even The Association. Years later, The Who, The Kinks (adored Ray Davies--did a mean duet with him on LOLA!), Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Still...You Turn Me On) and Led Zep, and of course, forever, Raspberries and EC. That was concurrent with Mozart, Bach, Corelli, Paganini, Brahms, Beethoven and the rest of it...my lps of orchestras and solo violinists/violists and cellists are legion. I even have recordings of The Cleveland Orchestra under George Szell on which Eric's Aunt Muriel appears. Now THOSE I cherish...

smile --Darlene

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Harry you're one of the few people I've ever met who knows that song. I think Andy, Jeff, Larry and Bob Allen would likely be the others (c'mon Pat prove me wrong and tell me you know this one since I failed in my "Sugar Baby Love" attempt!) From the first time I heard "Smoke", I was hooked. It is an almost perfect Pop song and one that I've always wanted to do in a band -but it's SOOOOOOOO tough! I've never been able to find the album (though I know it still exists), so I treasure the 45 that I have.


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