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Drawing of Eric I Found


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New Zealand, no book is done yet, until I find a software that has a program that can allow a child to watch through the dvd and click on a right and left arrow to page forward or backward.

I have written letters to toy companies, other book companies, no answer.

You know, it seems like no one likes competition.

It's hard to find a software that does this.

Meanwhile, it's probably right in front of my face on a store shelf.

I been looking too.

I do not know what category this falls under, Photopublishing, or Corel Draw, or WEbdesigning.

Most people are going that route, useing the DVD Remote for book reading for children.

Everything is copyrighted.

You know when you go on a website, their's a book, ok

you click on either, the right bottom button, or left button to page turn.

That's a software program that allows you to do that, I need to know waht software program to use.

That will allow me to use DVD and television.

That's my hold up.

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Simdonnaj, I thought the young artist did a fine job of portraying Eric. Thanks!

Gord, you're amazing! You have a wonderful talent and a sensitive nature! I think your portrayal of Eric and Raspberries is terrific! And your ambition is huge!

Now...about that "mystery"... I can't wait!

smile --Darlene

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Beautiful work Gord. I hope you laid Mr. Turnip to rest before he exploded. I remember a science project when I was in grade school. I took a sweet potato and stuck toothpicks in it to suspend it in a glass of water. Of course it sprouted and was quite interesting for quite a while. And then one day we came into class and

p-u the smell. It had totally rotted inside and

exploded. I think we were banned from vegetable experiments after that.

Anyway back to you Gord, Looking forward to seeing more of your work. smile

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