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Lefsetz Letter - Recent Update

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From: Eric Carmen

Subject: Berlin Finale

Hi Bob, 

Thank you for kind words.

“ Boats” was my most personal work and of all of my albums,  means the most to me. 

Not many people know that I wrote every song in the order I wanted them to appear on the album…the order I wanted them heard ..to tell a story (my story).  However, the record company reversed the order against my will.  Not sure if it will make a difference to you, but if you start with the last track and go in reverse, you will hear that story . 

Happy New Year and all the best to you in 2024. 




Subject: Re: Final Berlin

Even though I played bass on Eric’s first solo album, I listen to Boats much more often. So rich in imagery and personal emotion.

“Love is all that matters” is my favorite Eric Carmen song. It even made my (pre-planned) Celebration of Life event soundtrack!

Stephen Knill

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Wow! Eric lives! I hope a lot of people get to read that. I mean, Eric himself has posted those same sentiments here, but it's nice to see them show up elsewhere.  

How many here get the Lefsetz Letter? 

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Thanks for posting, I'm a bit behind on my reading.

Bob Lefsetz pulls no punches and is always a good read.

Speaking of good reads, check out LC's magnum opus on Boats, if you missed it.  Definitely a worthwhile read!

I like Stephen Knill's choice of tunes... Love Is All That Matters, indeed!



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