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Brian Wilson has dementia

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The signs were showing.

Melinda did everything right in her planning.  Keeping him in familiar surroundings with people he knows and trusts is THE most important thing. 

At the same time, Melinda has allowed space for him to live his life and create, should he desire to do so.

Having co-conservatorship is a smart move.  Melinda rescued him from a horrific conservatorship in the doctor who's name shall not be spoken.

Bless you, Brian, and bless Melinda, now truly his guardian angel.

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1 hour ago, susie b said:

This is how a truly loving family deals with a high profile dementia patient.

The Bidens should follow the Wilson's exceptional example.

Well said. But I don't think Dr. Jill will step up and do the right thing. The country (and Sleepy Joe) be damned.

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This might be the first time an obituary ends up in Cartoon World. I'm thinking about it....

I'm sure the Biden family will make sure our President gets appropriate care in the event he is ever diagnosed with dementia, whether it's next week or years from now. But I'm not sure how that ties in with Brian Wilson's plight. 

Be that as it may, my best wishes to the Brian Wilson family. Dementia is a hopeless and even horrifying thing to go through, both for the person struggling with it and for loved ones who act as caregivers.

Those of us who have experienced it (or are experiencing it) know all too well about the toll dementia takes....

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I keep seeing photos with various people standing (or sitting) next to Brian. Wish they would discontinue this. Seems unethical to continue these "souvenir" photo ops, especially in light of Brian's condition.

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