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Happy birthday to our boss…

Lew Bundles

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The label on that record says "Written by Elwood Ullman". He was one of the original writers of screenplays for many Three Stooges shorts. Also, it appears to be a 7 inch vinyl record, but it clearly states 33 1/3 RPM and has a small center hole like a 12 inch LP, not the large center hole like regular 45's. After reading that the record was pressed by a custom division of RCA Victor, it all made sense. RCA would press records for various entities, such as Reader's Digest and many direct-marketed records, such as Brookville Records. They could legally make 7 inch records with any custom changes because they held the patent. They weren't going to sue themselves! 

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46 minutes ago, Raspbernie said:


I edited it down to just them singing "Happy Birthday" to me. The rest of the record is a skit and a couple more songs.

Thanks for the clarification. and Happy Birthday again! I guess it doesn't hurt to be a creative genius!

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Wishing you great happiness & joy on your birthday!

I thought I would get you something charming and comical for your birthday gift, but then I realized that you aleady had all of us!!!






birthday cupcakes png.png

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