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On 12/26/2023 at 8:51 PM, Raspbernie said:

My favorite was the orchestral play out on “Foolin’ Myself.” This was Eric’s mix, and my guess is that Clive forced Eric back into the studio to do the more traditional fade out that ended up on record. But IMHO that soaring unreleased arrangement was stirring!

Agree on this — it's always interesting to hear Eric's imagined take vs. the powers-that-be. Reminds me of the way Clive wanted "Boats Against the Current" to include those overbearing background vocals. (Eric got his way on that one, thankfully!)

Also appreciated the "End of the World" variation. It made me dig that song even more. It's an underrated number on Change of Heart — I'll have to find my "In Hindsight" posts to see what my "final" assessment was....

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