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7 hours ago, Kirk said:

I miss the simpler days when I could buy tickets to concerts in the orchestra section directly from the venue!

The entire event business is a rigged game run by a monopoly who extort money from devoted fans who just want to see their favorite performers live on stage. The ticket resellers are even bigger crooks. However, much of the blame goes to two other groups... the fans who will cough up whatever amount the greedy controllers demand, instead of sometimes just taking a pass on a show as an act of defiance; and the artists who totally accept the situation, fans be damned. 

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1 hour ago, ooch said:

I just had another musing.....I miss the simpler days when late night talk show hosts were actually "funny"...Johnny Carson was the best!

I couldn't agree more. It seems that while Trump was president, there was no end to their nightly verbal attacks posing as "humor". But now that we really have a joke for a president and vice-president, they seem to have no material for their monologues and skits. From a personal perspective, I never understood how Stephen Colbert was somehow thought to be funny. I find him a boring and untalented fool.

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