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What would Eric say?


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I was reading through some listener comments posted below one of the "Go All the Way" videos and saw this:

"This song is a masterpiece, it is highly influenced by J.S.Bach modulations. The modal interchanges used throughout the song, along pivot chord modulations as well in the bridge; the deceptive cadence near the end in the chorus followed by a descending chord progression and then a modal interchange and then using the original tonic’s dominant chord (E major) to lead back to the opening guitar riff, but used to end the song. Absolutely brilliant."

I know NOTHING about theory / composition......so musician members on this site, thoughts?

I wonder what Eric would say...?  LOL

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I wonder with all Eric's instrumental training at the Cleveland Institute of Music if any of his years there incorporated music theory. Or song writing, music composition, etc.  Or is this skill  just a natural talent. Looks like the Institute didn't bring accredited music on board until 1996, way after Eric had his teachings there. Where did this talent come from!  Interesting details on the construction of that masterpiece! He sure did Go All The Way in his creativity!

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