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Pianos in the Battlefields

Rhonda B

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Yup, these were pretty great!

My military history writing partner, US Army Retired ordnance officer with an Army degree in music, said these pianos were case packed and parachute dropped.

The ground crew just cracked open the case, and the pianos were pretty much good to go.

I remembered posting a video from Steinway and Sons on my FB page a couple years ago.  The video has a tour of the Steinway factory museum and features an Army drab Vertical Victory piano.

If you are a FB friend and wish to see the video on my page, I posted it on May 31, 2021, or I'm sure you can still find it on the Steinway FB page.

The guide gives a great tour of Steinway treasures.

A little bittersweet on this Veterans' Day/Armistice Day weekend...

Muzza had a like on my video post as well as Kiwi.

I had posted the video for Memorial Day 2021.




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Ah.. Thanks Susie! ..someone who knows the story of which I've known for years. I love playing Steinway pianos when I get a chance. We had a huge, grand one in our concert hall at University and I got to play all of my Audition/Performance pieces on it. As well, I accompanied others in their performances. The grands are just exquisite to play, the big monsters that they are. The fact that it adds to this great story always intrigued me. What a creative and innovative idea from this great piano company! Thanks for sharing that.

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