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Beatles...Now and Then


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"Free As A Bird" sounds like John, while "Real Love" doesn't.

A fellow named Dae Lims does the best work in Beatles AI today. His John/Paul models are unreal. He actually re-records the vocals before applying the AI...and the results are stunning!!! Adding to his mastery is he is quite an accomplished musician and adds instruments to finish the unfinished tracks. Take a listen to this and tell me you don't get all emotional when "Paul" sings.

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7 minutes ago, Lew Bundles said:

What a great video…

Some Beatles detractors on various internet websites say Peter Jackson's approach is too "cheesy." But I didn't feel that at all. In fact, the first time I saw Paul and Ringo standing side by side with John and George I actually got a little weepy. So, cheesy? Nah. Those naysayers are the same ones who knock Spielberg for his stye of filmmaking. 

Sure, Jackson is using some of his well-honed tricks of the emotional trade...and I fell for 'em big time!

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The new "Now and Then" has been released on vinyl, but not a 7-inch 45rpm disc. It is available as a 12 inch record with "Love Me Do" on the B-side( Capitol Records calls it a "double-A side" disc. $25. on Amazon. Love Me Do has been de-mixed using AI and remixed in true stereo for the first time. I am guessing that this is played at 33 1/3 RPM. I love the Beatles, but I can't see spending $25. on this.

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