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Lew’s Lair…

Lew Bundles

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Recently, I sent out an e-mail to each female board member asking if they would like to be considered for the “Introductory Class” of “Lairettes”…

One member was so excited about the opportunity to be an inductee, that she flew to the East Coast and applied in person…

I present to you…member #1, in the Lew’s Lair…none other than that EC starlet…HELEN G.  




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Well I just couldn't pass up such great opportunity to shoot the breeze & chat all things "EC", website, etc. with Mr. Bundles himself! 😉💘 My oldest daughter and family live right near the NY/CT border just off of the I-95 corridor, so I made plans to see Lew and also one of my closest hometown friends who is in the New Haven/East Haven CT area (hometown being Pontiac, IL - yes, you'll have to look it up on a map to see how it's in the cornfields heartland of north central IL). 

Since I'm still a kind of newbie around here compared to so many of you, I was "all ears" as Lew gave me some of the highlights that included meeting many of you at Raspberries reunion concerts and the famous "Weekend at Bernie's" to which both EC and Jim Bonfanti both "dropped in" for the big surprise! 

We did talk about putting together a gathering of EC devotees if "Breaking Rachmaninoff" makes it into a film festival or two here in the US!

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