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The platform is showing me an ad..


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...it´s small, has a picture of a very beautiful woman revealing some high quality "assets" of hers. Would make most guys a little (or a lot) horny. They are trying to sell me something of course, which is cool. Next to her name "Iryna" they put her age of 42.


But my conscience tells me, thus,  I should notify this company to fire its ad agency. The company is getting ripped off.

As you guys know, The James Harem has an in-stone rule of no new members over 19 years of age. None. This is public knowledge. It´s criminal that this ad agency tried to foist off a 42 yearold on The James Harem. Criminal to its client, and criminal to me and the integrity of The James Harem.

But the world is complicated and sometimes not all black and white. Maybe, in order to serve hot old chicks, I really should create an old chick subsidiary of The James Harem. I´d classify this subsidiary as a charity! It would relieve my conscience and also allow the James Harem to serve the needy (old chicks over 19). Serving the needy is noble.

Maybe I could hire Lew to service this old chick harem????????....but then again, its mission would be to provide pleasure to its members, so maybe Lew would not be right for the job.

Anyway, any ideas would be welcome.


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It's true what you say Ooch. And I have a story that supports your thesis.

You see, some time ago Lew's ex, Lewisa, left Lew for me ( James ). I felt bad, but decided it would be foolish to fight against the strong gravitational pull of nature.

Anyway, after some time with James, Lewisa began ro think back to the heyday of the Christian Saints, and how they gave up life's pleasures and took on lives of pain and sacrifice.

Lewisa began to feel guilty, and felt she should live her life more like the saints of old.

So, after a period of introspection and emotional anguish, she committed to giving up pleasure ( James ) to take on a life of pain and suffering ( Lew ).

That takes a strong woman.

So yes, it's true Ooch, as can be seen in the case of Lewisa, ..Lew does have a way of attracting females.




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