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Drunk lady on NY train..


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I read about her today, ie: how she was belligerent with some German tourist dudes while she was drunk. We don´t know what they said to arouse her anger.

But the runts with cameras got video of her, and her employer fired her immediately, even though her actions were outside of her work. She is a 30 year old professional.

She acted poorly, but what kind of society have we become? We all have made mistakes, big mistakes most of us. Thank God we weren´t videoed and our lowest moments plastered all over social media. And thank God our employers weren´t cowards afraid of a mob falsely calling our employers a name. 

Her life is somewhat ruined as she not only lost her job, but now she will have to account to future potential employers that she was fired from this job, and why, and then these future potential employers will all but for sure cower and never give her a chance.

I´d guess I wouldn´t like this girl if I met her, but maybe I would I like her. But that has zero importance. It´s fairness that is important. But My God, we live in a society where one can´t breathe, where one is destroyed by one´s normal mistakes, where a young person isn´t able to just learn from her stupidity and become better, where she is not allowed to ask forgiveness privately to these tourists and both move on.

Cameras everywhere, runts filming everything, social media, the mob bullying everybody including her employer......and most of us / companies cowering to the mob.

This stuff seems to be rotting our living environment to a huge degree, and I think we need to start recognizing the problem and trying to find solutions.

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