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Hello from the old neighborhood!


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It's been a little while since I joined, just snooping around to see how this works and what it's all about.  Some of the format is not easy to navigate and i guess I'm looking for more interaction with Eric and his career.  But here's a little about me and why I've come to connect with Eric's music.  Some starts back in the day when he was a student at Brush High School.  I was from a neighboring school, and both schools were in the same football conference.  We traveled to Brush, and Brush traveled to Wickliffe and you know, the best part of the football games, of course, was the marching bands.  I don't know if Eric was in the school band program, but if he showed up at Friday night football, he was sure to notice the marching bands performing, and maybe our paths crossed.  If that wasn't a connection, maybe it could have been the neighborhoods, hearing that he liked to hang out at Chester Tavern, one of my favorites too!  Or maybe Sara's in Gates Mills!  Or maybe at some place in Mayfield, like the local McDonalds.  Well, that's not enough to find a connection, but the local home boy making it big sure is, and I never realized there was so much of a story behind his career.  After starting my musical interest at 8 years old, I've been playing the flute ever since, not a career, but over 40 years in the Community College's Civic Band, playing local, concerts out of state and traveling within Ohio, the band winning awards and playing challenging music.  It's been fun, and during all our concerts and guest conductors and composers who have appeared with the band, I've also come to realize, that writing music is more complex than sitting at a piano without a plan.  One of our composers from Cincinnati had a workshop at the college with us on composing during his guest appearance and the very interesting thing he said after I asked him, what do you do with a plain sheet of paper in front of you, and how do you start creating.  Well, the answer was, simple he said, he hears the music in his head and goes from there.  I thought that was profound, and then come to read about Eric's compositions to hear he too hears the music, it just comes to him, as he once said in an interview, in the shower, in the car...  I was very intrigued by that, similar to the Star Spangled Banner, where Francis Scott Key, heard the music in his head before he started writing it.  That is certainly a natural talent and gift, Eric and Francis Scott Key have something very similar in common.  And Eric is local, and a magnificent song writer and composer, something we in Ohio should be extremely proud of.  Which comes to my point, even though during his career years I was too busy raising a family, I've come to study his music and find it goes even farther than that.  He knows the psychology of music, why it connects with people, how it makes them feel, and why the complexity of some of the scores have brought so many fans across the planet all still having their favorite Eric Carmen tunes.  I hope by being a part of this website that features Eric's talents, that we can look forward to being able to connect with him in some way to encourage his presence with his fans.  Would be great to see his fans help him rise to the top of the nominations and an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!  What a deserving honor it would be for such a great talent.  I look forward to meeting many of you here.

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I too was a music student since age 8, starting saxophone, then clarinet, and finally flute. I played in the school bands from 4th grade through high school, in every capacity: concert band, jazz band, pep band for the basketball games, marching band for the football games and pit band for the junior and senior class plays. I came to appreciate Eric's compostions early on, recognizing the complexity and layers his works all encapsulate. After high school, I played regularly in Top 40 and wedding bands(wedding bands=good $$$$$, Top 40 bands, not so much $$$). I stopped playing professionally in 1986 when my family and health profession demands took precedence. But when I was in the Top 40 bands, the guitar and keyboard players didn't like to play Eric's compositions because they said they required too much effort to play! Welcome Aboard!

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