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Eagles' Long Goodbye Farewell Tour 2023


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Saturday night, September 16, 2023, I attended the Eagles' concert at the Prudential Center ( The "Rock" ) in Newark, NJ When I purchased the tickets two months ago I was focused on getting the best seats I could afford, and not on any other incidental information. I was completely blown away when the warmup act was none other than Donald Fagen and Steely Dan. There was a 12 piece band and vocalists providing the backup and they were fantastic. Donald is 75 years old and still sounds the same. The band had all live and analog music...two saxophones(alto and baritone), trumpet, trombone, lead and rhythm guitars, bass, 2nd keyboard player with Hammond B-3, drums and 3 female vocalists. The unmistakable jazz-rock fusion sound was note for note like the original recordings. They played for over an hour. Fabulous.

  After a hectic 15 minutes of roadies exchanging Steely Dan equipment for Eagles, the band did a solid 2 hours of beloved hits. Sound was perfect. Midway through  the concert, Don Henley addressed the crowd(sold-out at 15,000) to thank the fans for showing up, and for 52 years of support and enthusiasm for the band. Commenting on the many personnel changes to Eagles since 1971, Henley quipped, "We're the best f***ing Eagles Tribute band in history...often imitated, but never equaled". The crowd roared. The three song encore included Hotel California, Rocky Mountain Way, and Desperado. Concert was very special, being the last time I will get to see them live. Reminded me of the last time I saw Raspberries perform at the Highline Ballroom in October of 2007. If you can snag tickets to any of the remaining shows, do it! They wind up the tour in late November. Replacing Glenn Frey with Vince Gill was a great choice. Vince is not only a great vocalist, but a very accomplished guitar player. He is a natural fit.

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Henley fondly remembered Frey and Meisner, and also paid tribute to Jimmy Buffett, whom he called "a brother, now really enjoying his cheeseburger in Paradise". The band dedicated "Boys of Summer" to Buffett.  No mention of Felder, not surprising, since I believe it was a hostile separation from the band. 

Donald Fagen very kindly called out each member of his backup band and made a very sincere remembrance of his partner Walter Becker.

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Felder was an assnole to Henley and Frey....for sure....an unappreciative false victim...but given his greatness as a guitar player who fit perfectly with the Eagles, IMHO it'd be right to get above the acrimony and honor his contribution. Henley doesn't need to like Felder, but to give him credit would be cool. Leading also.

Cool what they did to honor Buffet.

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For me, Glenn Frey, who passed in 2016,  has to be in the mix.  Frey wrote/co-wrote the songs that are reminiscent of what we would know as The Eagles and without his voice in performances something is lost, but that's just my opinion. It's his voice I love hearing in these songs:

Take It Easy", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", "Already Gone", "Tequila Sunrise", "Lyin' Eyes", "New Kid in Town", "Heartache Tonight".

I have also heard the talented tribute band and they are so close to the originals with those tight harmonies and musical arrangements.

I was so fortunate to get to see them on their final tour with Glenn Frey in 2013 before his 2016 death. The Eagles then, were one of the only bands that when they play live, sound just like their albums and the harmonies were glorious and unmistakable as The Eagles.

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They still sound great, like the records. People leave bands and are replaced. Some members pass on. I was very pleased with the current lineup. So were the 15,000 fans in attendance. They added a 2nd unscheduled show for the next night(Sunday)due to demand. Sure, this tour is financially beneficial to the band members, but people came to hear Eagles songs performed to perfection, and they got what they paid for. I have no regrets. Hell, I would have gone again on Sunday if I could. I have seen many acts where key members were replaced, and some of them were horrendous. But not this Eagles concert. Beach Boys is another example. I think Mike Love is the only original member still performing in the current Beach Boys, but they continue to tour and enthrall fans. 

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Bottom line, great music is great music, no matter who is the performer.  Sometimes when I leave a concert, I am actually more  impressed with the opening act. Anytime you can leave a concert thrilled with what you just heard is the best feeling, isn't it? You go home with this feeling of euphoria, you wish you could hear more. So I know what you mean, Batman.

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3 hours ago, Batman said:

We are on the same Bat-page. Thanks for your "help, Rhonda"!!! (I couldn't resist).😝

Haha... Most people can't resist. Going off topic here  but, a cute story re: my name.  I was mesmerized by music early on from listening to the radio. In 1966, when I was 8 years old, I heard "Help me Rhonda" on the radio the first time. I asked my parents if that's why they  named me Rhonda because of the song.( Of course at that age I didn't realize it was just a new release). My mom said, "No, I named you after my favourite actress, Rhonda Fleming". I was SO disappointed.  However, little did I know,  that song would follow me my whole life, even now, in 2023.

BTW, Rhonda Fleming was a stunningly, beautiful actress. This is her in her younger days and at age 87 in 2010.  She died in 2020 ago at age 97.


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Yeah, Rhonda makes a strong point that without Frey the Eagles aren't the Eagles, hard to refute...though I'll stick to my above post guns that the current group is legit Eagles. I can't say the same for Foghat, it's a tribute band, even though the post classic band members are talented.

Without Freddie Queen isn't Queen. But AC/DC was still AC/DC when Bon Scott was replaced. REO stayed legit when Gary Richrath was kicked out even though Gary was the soul of the group.

Those are just some of my takes....just my opinions...I guess there's no formula to determine which bands have stayed legit after big changes....a lot of it comes from the gut, I think.

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I was indeed at the Sunday night show at the Prudential Center. Great show! (as I expected). 

I'm also a pretty big Steely Dan fan so I was super excited that they were opening up the show. They started things off promptly at 7:30, and played for an hour and 15 minutes. I had been told that they would be playing for a full hour and a half, and I wish they had. Their set did not include "Do It Again" nor "Deacon Blues" which surprised me quite a bit. 


1.  instrumental jazz number
2.  Josie
3.  Hey Nineteen
4.  Aja
5.  Kid Charlemagne
6.  Dirty Work
7.  Black Friday
8.  Rikki Don't Lose That Number
9.  Peg
10. My Old School
11. Reelin' In The Years
12. another jazz number 

Vocals on "Dirty Work" were sung by the 3 women ...The Danettes. This didn't bother me at all. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it. As Batman said....Fabulous!


The Eagles also sounded great. You don't leave this show feeling cheated or that you saw a tribute band. Vince Gill does a tremendous job on vocals, and Deacon Frey also does a more than adequate job (vocally) filling in for his dad. Deacon does need to learn to connect with the audience as he stands at his mic and sings with his eyes closed.  Don Henley's vocals blew me away. This guy hasn't lost ANYTHING. Overall a superb performance by the band. 


1.  Seven Bridges Road
2.  Take It Easy
3.  One Of Those Nights
4.  New Kid In Town
5.  Take It To The Limit
6.  Best Of My Love
7.  Witchy Woman
8.  Peaceful Easy Feeling
9.  Tequila Sunrise
10. In The City
11. I Can't Tell You Why
12. Lyin' Eyes
13. Life's Been Good
14. Already Gone
15. Boys Of Summer
16. Funk #49
17. Life In The Fast Lane
18. Heartache Tonight


19. Rocky Mountain Way
20. Desperado
21. Hotel California

The version of Witchy Woman was a new arrangement which I thought was great.

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Good review, thanks Craig.

I can't criticize the set list, as maybe it was optimal given their fan base, current members and the fact it's their final tour. But it's essentially a greatest hits set list, and for me the greatness of the Eagles is ,overall, their album cuts.

If I created their set l for my druthers, of the hits, only New Kid, Hotel C, Lying Eyes, Take It Easy, Already Gone and maybe Witchy Woman ( as it's pretty cool live )....would have made the cut.

I'd have subbed "Heart of the Matter" ( a remarkably good song, as good as anything the Eagles did ) for "Boys of Summer" re getting a Henley solo in.

The Joe Walsh tunes probably need to stay given that they're pretty good, and given his own following is strong.

Album cuts I'd have included: Take the Devil or Tryin from their 1st album, Desperado/Doolin Dalton Reprise, My Man and Ole '55 ( Vince Gill singing both ),Too Many Hands, Hollywood Waltz, Try and Love Again, Last Resort, Do Something and Waitng in the Weeds.

But surprisingly Henley didn't call me for my advice. Oh well..

Anyway..     : )

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7 hours ago, Kirk said:

My favorite Steely Dan tune was omitted- Any Major Dude. Good Eagles set, but I'm with James on some of the other cuts, especially Ol' 55.

On Saturday's show, they did not perform, "Rikki Don't Lose That Number", which is one of my favorites. I knew I should have gone to the Sunday show as well!  Good review.

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Thanks for the reviews and setlists, Batman and Craig.

I love the Eagles, and I don't mind that they're still touring after GlennFrey's death. The survivors are representing them well. I like Steely Dan, too, but I admit I can take them only in small doses. That setlist would be just about right... although for some reason, the song "Peg" has always been like fingernails-on-chalkboard for me. Not fair, I know – it just has that effect on me. It feels too pretentious and smarmy. 🫤

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