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Songs that might not get airplay today


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I was listening to Sirius the other day and You're Sixteen by Ringo was played. Always liked that tune. Then I got to thinking, could that song even be released today?

How about you, any songs that you enjoyed in the past that might not make the airwaves today?

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Good thread Kirk.


You're 16

Dude looks like a lady


Come on by (Burton Cummings, written by Bob Seger)

Fat Bottom Girls

Under my thumb

Some Girls

Brown Sugar

Hands on You

Stay with Me

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Does Your Mother Know

This Girl is a Woman Now

....some of these would probably be given a pass if a Black or female artist sang them. But White dudes ..don't think so. That's where our culture is at.

Also, I dig all of them.

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Donna Summer wouldn't be able to sing about Bad Girls, nor would the Ramones be able to tell the tale of a former Vietnam era Green Beret who was reduced to being a hustler turning tricks at the corner of 53rd & 3rd.

Although in today's alphabet climate, Lou Reed's character study of the Warhol entourage, Walk on the Wild Side, may be  considered au courant. 



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