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Eric mystery auction


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I saw Eric mentioned in this auction- didn't really see an Eric connection so I contacted the seller. I have no idea what is going on here:


"here is an overview of this auction , info is also available in the

this is a player break. ( we open a case of product live) so each
listing is one player in that break . If any of the slots you purchase has
a card you get that card. So, for example, you purchase the
PatrickMahomes slot.
If we get one or ten Patrick Mahomes cards the card(s) go to you as long as
he is the only person on the card. If there are multiple players on the
card we place the players in random.org and the winner of the randomization
will get the card. you might have no pulls and in that case nothing will
be sent to you ( it is not possible for every player on the checklist to
have cards pulled in each case) . YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED A CARD. if you
have pulls they are automatically shipped to you"


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So, as an avid baseball and hockey card collector, I can tell you that leaf metal is a brand-name for cards, and it is on the higher end of expenses. A box of these cards costs about $235!!! What this looks like to me is there is an actual Eric Carmen card up for auction, which would be cool to have, but if you read the sellers description to Kirk, there is no guarantee you will get the actual card even if you win the auction. These kind of things drive me crazy. They want you to bid, and if you were the highest bidder, and an Eric Carmen card falls in that slot, then you get it, but if it doesn’t, you get nothing and are out the money you have bid. (I think it’s interesting they are charging you a shipping charge upfront and you may not get anything shipped to you.)

I did a little card research on this and Eric is in the Leaf Pop Century set for 2023. He is listed as card BSP 45. BSP stands for “back stage pass”, which is what they have named his series. Other people in that set  include David Lee Roth, Elton John, the Eagles, etc. it looks to have about 53 cards in that set.

So buyer beware that if you bid on this, you may not get anything even if you have the winning bid, but if you wanna throw away five bucks, let’s say, you may get something really cool that has Eric on a trading card. 

I will try to go to my local trading card shop sometime this week and see if they can give me any information on the way to just buy his card directly and report back.




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