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Poll - Best Cover Version of "Go All The Way"

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Craig, good choices! I have about 20 GATW covers. Are we talking official recorded covers, or do live covers count? I'll throw out a live one with a bonus track of Walk Away Renee. 



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My vote is for number 3.  Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs. It probably won't get the most votes. But there is something very fresh and intriguing about that version with a female voice. Just something totally different. I love the vocal blend as well. Thanks for starting this Craig. I enjoyed listening to all of these versions.


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Great thread, Craig. 

Well, let's see. Trip Shakespeare gets a D. Good spirit, but they're in too much of a rush, and the opening "ha!' and "oh-yeahs" fall flat. David Bryce gets a C+ from me — like it but it's just above average. I give The Killers a solid B — superb energy... you can tell this is a song they idolize. 

But... for me, the winner is the Sweet/Hoffs reading. Something about having a woman sing this song is a so appealing —and when it's Susanna Hoffs, one of my five or so favorite female pop singers, even better. Matthew Sweet knows what he's doing, too. So they get an A. 

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