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Enter The Dragon…

Lew Bundles

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An absolutely wonderful movie…I saw this movie in the same theater(essentially) 50 years ago and left the theater with  the same giddy feeling…I knocked over a trash can with a karate kick(but this time I picked it up) and jumped around in the lobby throwing fictitious karate chops in the air…

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Definitely a fan of Bruce Lee!

Did you know that he was an excellent award winning dancer?  Makes sense with his grace and skill.

I swear I saw him as a background dancer in two Here's Lucy episodes, but I couldn't find any screen credits for the dancers.  It would have been around the same time as the Green Hornet.



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My best friend in early high school was a Bruce Lee fanatic. He dragged me to a couple of Bruce´s movies, which I actually enjoyed a bunch. My friend bought the numchcuks (sp?)...and became very good at using them. I loved the Green Hornet, so he and I went to a high school Halloween party as the Green Hornet (me) and Kato (him).

I was a badass Green Hornet, but I suppose that would be assume and a given.

: )

Good times!


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