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Happy Birthday Eric Carmen 2023

susie b

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10 hours ago, Helen G said:

Happy birthday wishes to you, Eric, Professor Power Pop! We'd love to hear anything about any movie theaters in the US playing "Breaking Rachmaninoff"!  

"Are they big enough to play Rachmaninoff?" Eric laughs......


Hilarious! Great job maestro Carmen!

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I think the movie has already debuted in Europe. I'm wondering how we can get it entered into Film Festivals here in the US which is where it's likely to "make the rounds". @Raspbernie is this something you can ask of Eric? I have a buddy who organizes film festivals in FL and CA and I might be able to put the squeeze on him to bring "Breaking Rachmaninoff" into the festivals lineup!

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All - I get a kick out of John Malkovich in this film too. He studied at Illinois State Univ. at the same time as my sister and I remember seeing him in at least 2 - 3 productions there (1970's). Malkovich of course hooked up with several others to form the Steppenwolf Theater company in Chicago, including Gary Sinise and Moira Harris (husband & wife). Moira and her twin sister were childhood friends of my sister's going back to toddlerhood. So there is that "six degrees of separation" thing going on here. 😉 

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Darn it.... there was a premiere in Vienna this spring! Heck I might have seen fit to using up some of these airline miles to cover my airfare to go to something like that?!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/gartenbaukino/premiere-party-breaking-rachmaninoff-rachmaninoff-will-survive/973895680441570/

And yes, the movie was played at the Film Fest Bremen in April of this 2023 spring as well. https://www.filmfestbremen.com/en/movies/breaking-rachmaninoff-2/

It was nominated for an award in the "Innovation" category - https://www.filmfestbremen.com/en/competitions/innovation-4/

It would have been fun to go to Bremen, too!

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