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Raspberries - The Midnight Special - May 4, 1973


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All cued up and ready to watch this original Midnight Special with the Raspberries at 8pm EASTERN tonight! 

Do you think my neighbors are going to lodge a noise ordinance complaint when I crank up the speakers? (We live in a single family home. 😉

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What a great show with such an eclectic mix of talent, from soul to reggae and country to power pop.

Johnny Nash shines, not only as a great vocalist, but also as a magnificent host.

And of course the Raspberries were fab.

I remember sneaking out of bed and going downstairs to quietly watch the Midnight Special after my folks were asleep.  A bygone era...



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Totally fun!!!! I vacillated between watching it on my computer (with great speakers) where I could continue to get work done, or going to our large TV with its high def screen. The TV won out - it was like watching it in a movie theater with surround sound!

I surely did not remember the huge range of music along with the comedians from seeing the entire episode during my teen years. Johnny Nash did a great job on the MC and performing - golden voice he had!

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