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For Bernie-Why Stan Laurel did not attend Hardy’s funeral…

Lew Bundles

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As a fan of the black and white era, I've always been fascinated by the legendary comedic duo of Laurel and Hardy. They brought so much joy and laughter to audiences around the world, and their impact on comedy is still felt today. However, after reading quite a bit about them, I discovered something that makes me sad. Stan Laurel did not attend Oliver Hardy's funeral.

It's hard to believe that Laurel, Hardy's long time partner in comedy, did not attend his funeral. According to several sources, Laurel was devastated by Hardy's death, but he did not attend the funeral due to health reasons. However, others believe that there may have been more to it than that.

Some speculate that Laurel was unable to face the fact that his friend and comedy partner was gone. In an interview with The New York Times, Laurel's daughter, Lois, said, "I think it was just too much for him to bear. He couldn't face the fact that his partner was gone."

Others believe that there may have been some tension between the two in the later years of their partnership. Some reports suggest that Laurel was upset with Hardy's decision to continue performing without him. In his autobiography, Laurel wrote, "The fact that Babe had gone on to work without me hurt me very much."

Whatever the reason, Laurel's absence at Hardy's funeral is a somber reminder of the complexities of friendship and partnership. As fans of the duo, we consider them inseparable, but the truth is that life can sometimes drive a wedge between even the closest of friends.

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I think the article got it right, Lew. Stan publicly said doctors forbade him from attending—he was still recovering from a stroke—but more likely, he just couldn't emotionally do it. Unlike many comedy teams that squabbled, had creative differences, or just plain broke up—Stan and Ollie maintained a lifetime friendship. And he was heartbroken when Ollie passed away.

When Stan eventually received a lifetime achievement Oscar, he never stopped saying that his only regret is that his dear partner wasn't there to celebrate their achievement.

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