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Growing up

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Back in December of 1999 when I started my first post on Eric Carmen's Message Board, I only heard 2 Raspberries songs on the AM radio "Go All The Way" & "Let's Pretend" on my Panasonic AM radio Panapet 70 ball & chain light blue ball when I was 7 in 1972 & 8 years old in 1973. I listened to "The Big 6" 600 AM WTAC in Flint, MI (when it was a Top 40 hit radio station), WMPX in Midland, MI (1490 AM) & WKNX (1250 AM) in Frankenmuth, MI but I believe those were the only hit pop rock channels in my area back then. I did not listened to "The Big 8" CKLW in Windsor, Ontario Canada because I could not get it in my area. 

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I bet you could hear WLS-AM out of Chicago! It could be heard all over the Midwest and then some. They were really popular as THE Top 40 radio station in the 1960's and 1970's with really great DJs like Larry Lujack. I recently was able to catch it while driving down I-95 through North and South Carolina!

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I got WCFL (Chicago) at night as a kid in Columbus, Ohio. Listened to the Cincinnati Royals (Nate Archibald became my hero and still is my fave player of all time) and Reds on WLW out of Cincinnati, and the biggest hoot was listening to sports talk guy, Pete Franklin, out of Cleveland. 

Any of you Clevelanders or Midwesterners listen to Pete Franklin back in the day?

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I remember begging my Dad to buy me an AM-FM radio when I was little. He took his time, but when he brought it home I was in heaven....listened to it until I left home as an adult. 

I´ve bought several down here in Panamá (for offices, different rooms in my condo, gifts for others) that are of the same old style (wood, simple lay-out etc.). Love them. The design of stuff today is shit compared to then, ..I speak of cars, radios and so much else. 

I also have a local furniture guy/friend construct all my office and home furniture to my design and measurement specs...out of wood (teak, mahogany, cedar or pine)...the stuff is really good, and reasonable as heck compared to up there, where it´s pretty tough to have furniture custom made for regular joes like me anyway.

Anyway, what was the question?...

: )

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