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Requiem for James…

Lew Bundles

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I so wish I WAS over the hill,

So chicks would cease demanding I give them a thrill,

...and causing my life to be so untranquil.

But behold ! ... while today Lew must take the v pill,

James is like a natural biological drill,

Going in for the kill,

So dames can say " Oh Jaaaames my needs are SOOO fullfilled".

James, 2023


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Wish I could just live in the past, like Vinnie, but responsibilities ( harem etc ) call me, and so I do my duty, despite the burden it puts on me. Fortunately I have found the fountain of youth which allows me to serve my female beneficiaries sans reduced stamina or talent. 

But I still dream.....I dream of being over the hill, like Lew and Vinnie, living in the past, flirting with running for prez in 2024. That would be awesome. But I´ve been called for a different purpose, which carries with it a very heavy load, but I will do my duty.



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