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Midnight Special - Episode 5 (we're getting closer)

Craig Benfer

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Anne's remake of "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)" was first done by the late Barbara George in early 1962 that went to # 3 (Hot 100). The Badfinger song "Suitcase" both Pete Ham & Tom Evans say "Pusher, pusher on the run" (drug reference) instead of "Butcher, butcher on the run" (there were 2 versions of the song when the reissue of the late 1971 album "Straight Up" with 6 bonus songs came out in the Summer of 1993 on CD). The Association song "Crazy Songs & Looney Tunes" was never released on album or a 45 B side single because they moved from Columbia to Mums Records in early 1973. Also the remake of the Albert Hammond song "Names, Tags, Numbers & Labels" was only released as a 45 stereo single (no album) on Mums Records. The 1972 album "Waterbeds In Trinidad" has 6 more bonus songs including the short edited version of The Lovin' Spoonful 1967 song "Darling Be Home Soon" as well as "Names, Tags, Numbers & Labels" (can be found on Apple iTunes). 

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