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Man doubts authenticity of EC hair…

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Revisiting Eric Carmen

Last year I was visiting my aunt, and her favourite radio station was on, playing hits from the 1950s to the 1980s, which I enjoy. A song came on that I’d loved back in the day but had forgotten about, “Make Me Lose Control” by Eric Carmen. 

Soon after, I looked it up online and found the video clip.A9C40203-AA58-42F5-B43A-6D1009ABF2A6.jpeg.3413e02a1d29c340583f2a050c3c001f.jpeg

How could I have forgotten that hair? Then again, the 1980s was my first full decade on this planet, so I was probably used to Big Hair back then. Even so, that’s some impressive hair - even Dynasty’s Alexis would have been jealous.

How much hairspray did it take to achieve that critical mass?

Then I saw that Eric had also sung “Hungry Eyes” from the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack. My memory always forgets the important things.

Then I saw the clip for it.79F4CC3A-5410-4148-A702-718A3D7D7D85.jpeg.e3337d8c85ebe853aadb8a808534aeda.jpeg

Clip - clipped - that’s quite a hair difference. But “Hungry Eyes” was released in 1987. “Make Me Lose Control” was released in 1988. Now, it was a year. Hair can grow fast. Or it could be a wig. Or “Make Me Lose Control” was filmed first, before the barber’s appointment, and then released after “Hungry Eyes”.

But seeing these two images side-by-side - it looks like Eric’s locks sprung up faster than Clint Barton’s Instagrow Farm Family in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.B1812C86-A283-4467-9536-881FD4C56455.thumb.jpeg.3573a400886fd30ed98d4bbcb21bc2c5.jpeg


And my brain had also forgotten (blocked out?) this below image from the “Hungry Eyes” music video:

A woman with classic 80s hair. She’s wearing evening gloves and an evening gown that mostly consists of a front skirt slit. She is playing the saxophone while being filmed from a ‘below and up’ camera angle.



That hair looks like it has a life of its own. Perhaps he borrowed a rabbit with super-long hair for the shoot?


Hee! That's the scene I was thinking of. I wonder if Eric ever got his hair cut at a vet, like Bill did?


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I’m pretty sure Eric has talked about how the success of “Dirty Dancing” took him by surprise. My guess is his lion’s mane involved hair extensions. As the old commercial said, “Only his hairdresser knows for sure.”


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I shouldn't tell tales, but...

The father of a friend was the stage manager of a venue where EC played in the time in question.

An EC hair extension was found on the stage floor.

One of my best friends owns a top rated hair salon in a major metropolitan market that caters to models and musicians.

He is an expert on hair extensions and says that a good many famous manes have been created rather than grown.

So, EC was still in image prison in good company.


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