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Taking applications/resumes for Lew’s Lair”

Lew Bundles

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Realizing that I might still have the “it” factor, and  combining my passionate side with that, I am now taking applications for the newly formed LEW’S LAIR…So for all you women that have reached that “desultory age of post 19”(James’ phrase, not mine), I am currently sifting through the pictures of moldy-oldy rejects that have forwarded their “assets” for consideration for the LAIR”…

Just a few pics of those rejected by James…


So ladies, if you’re a little rusty, get your tetanus shot and come on over…

We are an equal opportunity emplewyer…

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Many of the rejected over 19s have found refuge in Tommy Tunes' Tunesettes.  Thankfully. Sometimes my conscience does bother me. But a harem owner has to be strong and make the difficult rejection decisions, knowing it's for the best. One cannot lower standards for sentimental ( or old hot chicks ) ..reasons.

But it is comforting to know there is another outlet for those older chicks to find refuge, go out to pasture to eat grass, talk about old times while rocking in a rocking chair, dream about James..then dream about James some more.

I really should though, set up a subsidiary of The James Harem to target only old chicks ( those over 19 ). Maybe Kirk could head up this project?

Anyway, great job Lew. You are making the world a better place.

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I'm not sold just yet in being in James' Harem or Lew's Lair? This is me in my college a cappella group - little black dress and all that! 😉 The black and white yearbook photo did not do my golden hair any justice. (4th from left - trying to "lift" this photo from the PDF of the yearbook - pardon my poor Adobe skills.)


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I just received this e-mail from James…


”In case you haven’t noticed,

And no one seems to care, 

The Harem is breaking down, 

Losing members to “The Lair”.


So I must adapt some new rules, 

To keep up with you Sir Lew, 

The age ceiling has risen, 

From 19 to 22…”




🤼‍♂️ JAMES 2023

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No. as it´s wrong for chicks to lower their standards ( eg: by entering Lew´s Lair )......it is also wrong for The James Harem to lower standards and allow old chicks (20 - 22) to enter. 

We will not over-react to this sudden influx of quality chicks into Lew´s Lair.  The James Harem believes in its mission ( serve chicks not over 19, and serve the needs of James at the same time ). Win win....and accept no "Rin Tin Tins"......is our motto.

Here, I have a new poem to emphasize the point. It´s pretty great:

Roses are red,
Rules are rules.
Chicks still dig James,
... only over him they will drool.

James, 2023


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