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Midnight Special — Burt Sugarman's classic clips now on YouTube


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Good story on the Burt Sugarman YouTube channel where we can view old Midnight Special clips: 


As an example, here's Wilson Pickett and The Bee Gees doing "Hey Jude." (Robin Gibb dancing always reminds me of Elaine Benes on Seinfeld.) 


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4 hours ago, LC said:

A truly arresting performance: Ms. Ronstadt doing "Long Long Time":


Agree!  Back in the days when the pure voice was important and you didn't need flashing lights and costumes or lack thereof if you know what I mean. Very pure performance and solid song in my opinion.

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At the 1:03:12 mark during the last swan song episode in May 1981 (which was the 1st episode) there was a FREEZE FRAME when Argent did "Tragedy" (from the album "All Together Now") & singer Russ Ballard threw his guitar & then it said Coming Up Linda Ronstadt The Everly Brothers. (which Linda did "The Fast One" also done by John David Souther & commercial break & the Everlys who did "Stories We Could Tell" & commercial break & then Denver doing "Goodbye Again" which ends the show & closing credits). The next episode when Wolfman Jack announcing guest host Glen Campbell was back in November of 1975!! 

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