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My goal…

Lew Bundles

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12 minutes ago, James said:

Ok Lew, it's been 2 days, you should be 30% thru your 1st book. Please confirm this is the case, and the title of the book.

Thank you in advance. : )

If he started with, 'The Harem Book' by James, he might be bogged down looking at the illustrations...

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I actually started this journey two weeks ago…My plan of attack is going to the library, start with the letter”A” and pick out a slender book by an author with that letter…Then move on to “B” until all 26 letters of the alphabet are finished…Then return to the beginning of the alphabet and read a 2nd book by the same author…

All fiction…The subject matter is not the main point, it’s has to be readable in a week, so novels in the 200 page range(more or less) are desirable lengths…So if all goes according to plan, at the end of a year, I will have been exposed to 26 new authors-2 books each…

Last week-The Noticer by Andy Andrews(a remarkable book, especially for people in our age range…)

This week it’s The Bramble and The Rose by Tom Bouman…

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