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Prime Time Soaps..


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Who were the most beautiful female characters from these shows from the 1980s. I only got into one show - Dallas - and only for a couple years, but I saw enough bits and pieces of some of the others to have at least a half-fanny opinion.


Lisa Hartman - her character from Knots Landing, don´t remember her name, the cowboy chick jeans are probably what put her top for me.  : )
Emma Samms - her character from Dynasty, she was probably even hotter on General Hospital.
Pam - Victoria Principal´s creation from Dallas
Ana Alicia - character from Falcon Crest, another I don´t remember anything about but remember seeing her once or twice and thinking she was stunning.
Priscilla Presley - her Jenna character from  Dallas.

Thoughts?  Your choices?

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Knots Landing was my favorite and Nicolette Sheridan was “prime time” for me…When she was engaged to Michael Bolton(a member of the Connecticut possee), I would constantly drive by his house in the Nutmeg State, while I was working in that area, to catch a glimpse of her..,

The closest I got to a celebrity in their neighborhood was when I saw Patty Hearst and Sgt. Slaughter at a drug store…

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