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Side 3 (1973)

"Side 3", Eric Carmen's Raspberries third album, is more or less the White Album of the groups legendary but short career. Taking a more minimalistic approach to rock'n'roll quite different to the string laden pop they were heading in. This is power pop at its most rocking, with the 2 minor but superb hits, "Tonight" with one of the greatest vocals ever delivered, and of course "Ecstasy" the perfect blend of their biggest hit "Go all the way" and heavier rock material not to different from today's Jet. Standout tracks include the pop epic "On the beach", with one of the most enchanting outros ever recorded, the rockers like "Making it easy" and "Hard to get over a heartbreak". There are a couple of acoustic ballads thrown in the mix but really it is The Raspberries or Eric Carmen in particular trying to find out who they are, just like the Beatles did on the White Album. Quite a rushed and underproduced LP showing the raw spirit of this great band. "Tonight" still remains till today as one of the most perfectly worked out pop singles of all time, though not a chart success. Really paves the way for The Raspberries most amazing work, "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" and their astounding final album "Starting Over" and then Eric Carmen's ascent into Pop superstardom.


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