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The photo was taken when Eric Carmen visited radio station WLYT 92.3 FM in Cleveland, Ohio to promote his "Change of Heart" LP.

I think it’s just a “STEVIE” Nicks sticker on an inflatable penguin, for whatever reason. 

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Fleetwood Mac's "mascot" was the penguin. It was also the title of their 1973 (pre-Stevie/Buckingham) album. Found at Wiki: 

"The penguin is the band mascot favored by John McVie. His fascination with the birds originated when he lived near London Zoo during the early days of his marriage to Christine McVie. He was a member of the Zoological Society and would spend hours at the zoo studying and watching the penguins." 

I did not know that McVie tidbit! 


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Maybe Eric digs Fleetwood Mac more than I imagined*. Think about what a duet with Stevie Nicks would have done for "All for Love" in 1980 or "I'm Through with Love" or "The Way We Used to Be" in 1984.

Stevie was in fine voice in that era.... Remember "Nightbird" (Top 40 hit in 1983)? A truly great song, and I love the video, which features sister-in-law Lori Nicks as co-vocalist and Waddy Wachtel on guitar. 

* I say "more than I imagined" because in all the music posting Eric did here between around 2005 and 2013, I don't remember him ever mentioning Fleetwood Mac or Stevie. Nicks. And he wrote a lot about the artists he digs.


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