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Encore! Sinatra's "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again"


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I yi yi..  And why does he always want to mess with Eric's lyrics. Like he did in his cover of "All by Myself". Instead of singing:  "Those days are gone", he sang, "That day is done." LOL

 I know that Eric Carmen thought that was pretty amusing, as I heard him talk about it in an interview. Either way, the great Frank Sinatra sang this Eric Carmen song and I'm sure EC was pretty proud of that no matter what the outcome.

 If you read the viewer's comments underneath LC'S accompanying video,  that's just as alarming. 



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I think because of Frank's looseness and "Sinatra-isms" here, there's something that's so fun about it (for me). He was the Chairman of the Board.... He did whatever he wanted. 🤣 Lol

Rhonda, thank you for the tipoff. I took a look at the viewers' comments under the video. Whew. Never mind all the misspellings and bad grammar (even for Internet posters) — Frank's "Never Gonna..." version touched off a little Carmen vs. Sinatra war. It was nice to see some people come to Eric's defense. Not easy when you're going up against a pop culture icon. 

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PS: Susie, thank you for pulling up that "ABM" version. I don't mind this version, and I'm remembering, as Rhonda brought up, how proud Eric was of this recording. Just having Sinatra take a stab at your work... that was something! For songwriters of the 1960s and 1970s, having Sinatra or Elvis record your work was the ultimate testimonial. 

Then there's Sinatra's reading of Lennon & McCartney's, er, George Harrison's "Something," where he plugged in that memorable line "You stick around, Jack, it might show...." 

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Found it! There's a thread Bernie put up in 2007 with an audio-only version of Sinatra doing "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again." It's a studio recording — different than the live video above).

At the time of Bernie's post, this site had a lot more traffic, so there were lots of interesting comments, including one from Eric himself: 

"Well, I guess I should chime in and bring up an interesting little fact about Frank. He was one of the VERY FEW TRULY GREAT SINGERS WHO ALWAYS GAVE THE WRITER(S) CREDIT. Personally, that's huge. To think that an icon like Frank would always make sure to tell his audience that I wrote that song......well, it says a lot about the guy. And I'll tell you one more thing. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, ever phrased better than Sinatra. Not ever. Oh, I know he could be a testy so-and -so, but some people you just have to get past that stuff. He was Frank Freakin' Sinatra for God's sake! He was a saloon singer from Jersey! The best there ever was! Get over it! Now go get me a Scotch, sissy boy. ec"

Go here to see that great old thread: 


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