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Lew Bundles

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Do you think The Beatles' songs are better than those of other artists? If so, how much does their music surpass others'?

She Loves You is the greatest pop/rock song I’ve ever heard. Two minutes of sheer, pure enthusiasm, joy, warmth, optimism, and encouragement. The chord progression, for its time, was inventive, and the harmonies were superb. I still, to this day, believe it has the greatest ending of any song I’ve ever heard. That last “YEAH!” still sends jolts of lightning through my spine.

They did other songs that came pretty darn close to that sense of euphoria.

But so did other artists. For example, the highly underrated Raspberries did a song called I Wanna Be With You that approximates that enthusiasm.

Cheap Trick’s song Surrender comes close. Robin Zander’s energetic vocal is incredible.

Be My Baby by the Ronettes has that level and quality of energy and optimism. Unfortunately, some people have given me hell for praising the song because it was produced by Phil Spector, who was abusive to the lead singer—who became his wife. And because he was a convicted murderer. But back when the song came out, he was a young kid himself who made great music.

There have been numerous artists in addition to these, whose music approached the Beatles in terms of quality and emotion. But surpassing them is a matter of debate, dispute, and discussion…


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