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Most Covered Songs on "American Idol"

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American Idol: Most Covered Songs (Season 1 - Season 20)

Song / Artist / Number of times covered

I Have Nothing / Whitney Houston / 12

Come Together / The Beatles / 9

Piece of My Heart / Erma Franklin / 9

All By Myself / Eric Carmen / 8

Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Queen / 8

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing / Aerosmith / 8

Landslide / Fleetwood Mac / 8

Proud Mary / Credence Clearwater Revival / 8

When a Man Loves a Woman / Percy Sledge / 8

A Change Is Gonna Come / Sam Cooke / 7

Source: Action Network


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36 minutes ago, Kirk said:

Seems like it would be more than 8; I'm probably including other singing shows in my mental tally...

I also thought the number was low, but it's probably for just the reason you cited. Add in "America's Got Talent" and its other versions from around the world, along with the "X-Factors" and whatnot. No doubt "All By Myself" has been sung dozens and dozens of times on TV talent competitions.

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I wonder... if the tabulator credited every "ABM" cover on Idol as Eric's song. There were multiple times where a contestant would sing it and call it Celine Dion's song. Just a thought....

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