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My new project with Dolly Parton


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Many of you know that I was a co-creator of the milk mustache campaign. Around the same time, I helped invent another campaign for a different brand. It's called The Foundation For A Better Life (www.PassItOn.com), and its sole purpose it to help make the world a better place by reminding everyone of the good in people, the power of positive thinking, and believing in yourself. I'm really proud of the work I do for this organization. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America called it "the most successful public service campaign in the history of outdoor advertising." You may have seen the billboards on your local roads or at the airport along with commercials on late night TV. Here are some of my new billboards released this week:








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Dear Bernie:

This is such powerful advertising. And it is absolutely everything I believe in.  Very impressive! Congratulations!  👏 

What can one person do?  Plenty.

Thank you...so inspiring.

Rhonda B.

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Have always liked this organization and their mantra.

Their message has always been clear, concise, witty & sincere without being preachy.

Pleased to know they had the good sense to work with Bernie.

I also like the TV PSA's. 

Were you involved with those as well?


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This is exciting Dolly news....Dolly confirmed that Elton John will be on her new Rock album entitled "Rock Star". They are doing an Elton song. She also said that She and Paul McCartney are doing The Beatles "Let It Be". She ALSO said that Annie Lennox will be on the album as well! 

For those who have asked what song she recorded with Stevie Nicks it's called "Bittersweet", a song written by Dolly herself.

Album is due to be released in fall of 2023!

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