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Your Favorite Sitcoms


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From a conversation Blackhawk Pat and I were just having: favorite situation comedies of all time, not including animated things like The Simpsons and Bob's Burgers.

1. Seinfield 
2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. The Odd Couple
4. Hogan's Heroes
5. Mary Tyler Moore
6. Dick Van Dyke Show
7. Andy Griffith Show
8. Honeymooners
9. Everybody Loves Raymond
10. The Bob Newhart Show (the first one)

11. Two and a Half Men
12. I Love Lucy
13. All in the Family
14. M*A*S*H
15. The Jeffersons
16. The Office (both the U.K. and U.S. versions)
17. Cheers
18. Frasier
19. King of Queens
20. Friends

21. The Cosby Show
22. Parks and Recreation
23. Modern Family
24. The Middle
25. That Girl
26. Gomer Pyle
27. Louie 
28. VEEP
29. Sanford and Son
30. Get a Life (Chris Peterson character, payed by Chris Elliott)

Honorable mentions: 
• Newhart (the second one)
• Sex and the City.
• Brady Bunch and Happy Days: a bit too hokey to make my Top 30.
• Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie. Far-fetched but fun.
• Rosanne. Too much of a downer to make my Top 30.
• The Monkees and The Partridge Family: I wish the scripts were better, but the music was enticing enough that they merit honorable mention.  

Five clunkers (for me):
WKRP in Cincinnati, Third Rock from the Sun, Maude, Barney Miller, Taxi.

Pat insists The Larry Sanders Show will be addictive if I go back and check it out. I am giving it a try.

For further reading: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-lists/best-tv-sitcoms-1162237/will-grace-nbc-1998-2006-2017-2020-1162692/

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Only saw a couple of episodes of Seinfeld and heard nothing that I enjoyed…same for MASH…

Just the presence of Dick Van Dyke should vault it ahead of The Mary Tyler Moore show…

Only a couple of years ago did I discover Everybody Loves Raymond…Extremely well scripted and acted…(Every time I see Peter Boyle, it amazes me that he and John Lennon were best of friends for a few years with Lennon as his best man at Boyle’s wedding)…

Never found Friends interesting, but give me Honeymooners, Golden Girls, Cheers and Taxi any day of the week…

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1. Hogan's Heroes

2. Beverly Hillbillies

3. Good Times....it was more than just a comedy really

4. Happy Days....early years

5. Gilligan's Island....the Howells and the Professor were a  hoot and underrated comedy vehicles

6. Married with Children... should be #1 or 2

7. Sanford & Son.....Aunt Esther scenes put this here

8.  Soap....gets in cuz of it's stretching horizons off the wall goofiness

Some mentions to some strong comedic actors whose shows didn't make the list: Norman Fell, Fred Gwynne, Eva Gabor, Jean Stapleton, Ted Knight, David Cassidy, Mr. Haney.





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Bewitched,Family affair,The Monkees,The Partridge family,The Brady Bunch,Diff’rent strokes,Happy days,The Facts of life,Family ties,Who’s the boss,The Cosby show,Gimme a break,Punky Brewster,Alf,Charles in charge,Growing pains,The Golden Girls,Married with children,Full House,Saved by the bell,The Wonder years,Home improvement,Roseanne and  Blossom 

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Here's a few of my favorites:

1. I Love Lucy

2. The Middle

3. Wonder Years

4. Leave It To Beaver

5. Beverly Hillbillies

6. Gilligan's Island

7. Hogan's Heros

8. Green Acres

9. Adams Family

10. The Munsters

11. Mr. Ed

12. Bewitched

13. Dick Van Dyke Show

14. Get Smart

15. Dennis The Menace

16. Darma and Greg

17. Patty Duke Show

18. Three's Company

19. Mork and Mindy

20. Modern Family



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  • 2 weeks later...

Before I submit my list, I will say that Seinfeld will hold the #1 spot, with 2nd place not close behind. The 1st season has only 4 episodes, so I consider the first two seasons as "get to know the characters" seasons. By season 3, they hit their stride. I have seen some of these episodes 10 times or more and they still make me laugh out loud. I just don't get tired of them.

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1. Seinfeld

2. Leave It To Beaver
3. Hogans Heroes
4. The Beverly Hillbillies
5. Gomer Pyle
6. The Partridge Family
7. I Love Lucy
8. F-Troop
9. Get Smart
10. Modern Family

11. All In The Family
12. Everybody Loves Raymond
13. The Middle
14. M.A.S.H.
15. Frasier
16. King Of Queens
17. Mary Tyler Moore Show
18. The Odd Couple
19. Friends
20. Cheers

I was going to stop at 20 but...

21. Bewitched
22. Mr. Ed
23. Happy Days
24. The Munsters
25. Green Acres
26. Taxi
27. Police Squad
28. Mork And Mindy
29. The Jeffersons
30. The Brady Bunch

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Ironically, though it didn't make my list, I probably liked "My Three Sons" better than all on my list, ....it's just that I liked it mostly for reasons other than the humor, so it didn't make the list. Americana it is.

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Surprised "Married with Children' is not making lists. Virtually every single character was a brilliant comedy vehicle, and brought to life brilliantly by the actors.

Hogans Hs is my #1 as  Klink carried a ton of weight - for me he was the hands down the funniest tv character of alltime, but really Married still probably should have been my #1.

PS I should explore Seinfeld more, I never got into it as I didn't give it a chance to the degree I should have.

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I forgot about Married with Children... I'll have to wedge that one into my list, for sure. So much comedy is based on a hapless lead character like that... trying to get away with things but always stumbling.

Oh, man... Col. Klink. He was great in that role — so easily duped by Col. Hogan, and hilarious when he cow-towed to Gen. Burkhalter, who had that great scar on his face. The Klink/Burkhalter exchanges are legendary.

Klink (Werner Klemperer) played violin on at least one episode. You probably know he was son of Otto Klemperer, conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic in the 1930. Klink, er, Werner Klemperer sang in Broadway musicals after the Hogan's Heroes run. You see him pop up in a lot of old TV shows, like Perry Mason, My Three Sons, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. And he was in a bunch of TV westerns, too, like Gunsmoke, Maverick, and Have Gun Will Travel.

He did a lot in his 80 years... (died in 2000).

The other support actor I love is Don Knotts. Man, was he a kick in The Andy Griffith Show. 


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