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Concert poster w/Billy Joel…

Lew Bundles

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Wow! Great finds on those other promo posters, Kirk. It makes me wonder how much, if any, interaction there was between Billy and Eric. They have a lot of similarities and overlaps... Beatles-influenced piano men who have a way with melodies. 

Just a year prior to those 1977 concert dates, Eric would have been the clear headliner on the strength of his singles-laden first solo album — four Top 40 songs (including "That's Rock'n'Roll, for Shaun Cassidy).

On the other hand, Billy was in a slump. After his early hit "Piano Man" from 1972, he had two commercial bombs (Streetlife Serenade and Turnstiles, although the former isn't bad, and the latter is really powerful). But The Stranger emerged in 1977, with all of its Top 40 singles, while Eric's Boats Against the Current was floundering. And just like that, Billy leapfrogged Eric commercially. So as these posters illustrate, Billy was the headliner, though the weight of Eric's name on the two images you posted shows he still had almost-equal marquee value. 

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Good heavens! Billy Joel AND Eric Carmen on the same billing? Boy did I miss out (I was still under 18 at the time with precious little spending money to spend on traveling to concerts and buying tickets)!!!!! I'm fanning myself over the prospect of being in the audience for those concerts! 😉 Ye gods! 

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