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Look at this pile of stiffs…

Lew Bundles

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How the hell did the Steve Miller Band hit the big time and The Raspberries struggled for any recognition?

An absolute junk pile of songs by Steve Miller…Compare the two lists…

You gotta shake your head…


I’ll never forget watching Kirschner that night…


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Great moderating Lew! It seemed like you disappeared for the better part of a week, but you've come back with a good one. 

Steve Miller... not bad. I don't mind him. He's kind of interesting — his first band was in 1956 (!), when he was 12. Les Paul was his godfather, and he got some guitar-playing tips from T-bone Burnett (family friend when he was a kid). His 1960s band, as Vinnie pointed out, featured Boz Scaggs. And... did you know it's the Steve Miller Band playing with Chuck Berry on "My Ding-a-Ling"?

That said, I'm like Craig. I bought his greatest hits package and nothing else (though I got a few freebies reissued during my music-editor days). I do have a Top 10 for Miller, but I haven't gone much deeper. There are times where I felt like I should, but... who has time? 

1. Jet Airliner
2. Rock'n'Me
3. Abracadabra (Yes! — the twin brother to "Hands on You.")
4. Fly Like an Eagle
5. The Joker (Used to hate it, when it was in its Top 40 run, but I like it now.) 
6. Used to Be Bad (From Paul McCartney's Flaming Pie in 1995. Good bluesy song on a strong album. 
7. Take the Money and Run
8. Swingtown
9. Heart Like a Wheel
10. Dear Mary (From his 1968 album... It's actually a Beatlesque song, you'd agree if you hear it.)

If "My Dark Hour" from a 1969 Miller album weren't such a pedestrian song, it might have made my list... just because it features Paul Ramon, a.k.a. Paul McCartney, on bass. However, it's kind of unlistenable. Another Macca connection: Miller did a cover of the great old song "Love Is Strange," something McCartney covered on his 1972 Wings album Wild Life album. Miller's version was from two years later. 


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3 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

"Used To Be Bad" is the kind of song Paul can write on the spot. Seriously, it's just a jam. Nothing more.

I'd say it's still bad.



Bernie the Music Curmudgeon! I love it.

Well, different strokes... Miller is one of those guys who just didn't make any kind of positive impact on you. But let the record show: He's had a pretty impressive career, capped off by his 2022 induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. (Read all about it.)

Circling back: "Used to Be Bad" reminds me of Ram-era McCartney. And, Bernie, you and I both hold Ram in the highest regard. 


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PS: Given the relative trashing of Steve Miller here, I think maybe Moderator Lew should reach out to the Steve Miller bulletin board gang and see if he can rile up some Raspberries vs. Miller action (a la Sweet vs. Eric Carmen). What do you think, Lew? 

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