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Before My Heart Finds Out


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19 hours ago, Kirk said:

I don't remember this Gene Cotton song charting in my area. It's a delightful tune from 1978:


Hi Kirk! 

I remember this one well, and always liked it!

Maybe it got more airplay in the South!😉 

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The Cotton song "Before My Heart Finds Out" went to # 23 (Hot 100) on April 8 & 15, 1978 & at # 3 (Adult Contemporary). The duet song "You're A Part Of Me" went to # 36 (Hot 100) on August 12 & 19, 1978, # 99 (Billboard Country) & at # 6 (Adult Contemporary). Cotton's album "Rain On" (ABC) went to # 49 (Billboard Country Album Charts) in April of 1977. Cotton's album "Save The Dancer" (Ariola America) went to # 202 (Billboard Bubbling Under The Top 200 Album Charts) in May of 1978. That is all of the Billboard Chart information on Gene Cotton. Only the song "You're A Part Of Me" (with Carnes) is on Apple iTunes but the rest of Cotton's catalog is not there. 

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On 1/7/2023 at 2:27 AM, Kirk said:

Here's Gene with Kim Carnes- You're A Part Of Me- written by Kim, also from 1978:


 I know this song very well. As Matthew already posted, it was released by Anne Murray. But here is a very pretty version by Susan Jacks who is from my city of Saskatoon and who I knew. This beautiful soul with angelic vocals  passed away last year due to kidney disease. She was part of The Poppy Family ( With her then husband Terry Jacks). 


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