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Tim From Wisconsin

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My first work of 2023. It's pretty great, I think:

Roses are red,

I declare 2023 "Year of the Dames".

Though not so much new,

As chicks still dig James.


Behold ! Truth is always truth,

= Sophie also has a great rear,

Sadly she's too old for The James Harem,

..and you guys have a Happy New Year !

James, 2023




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The creativity is oozing from somewhere way down deep on this 1st day of 2023, so I figured I'd take my talents to ec.com, and offer this poem as a New Year's present to my fellow members:

Ok, here goes:

Old Chicks, practice your beer fetching,

And re toenails, how to care'm.

Cuz there may be an old chick charity spot,

Opening in The James Harem !


Hark !  Like Ivan the Terrible,

James' charity knows few bounds.

Cuz in 2023 one >19 female,

Will make ecstacy inspired sounds.


You see, to whom much is given,

( I speak of one certain James ),

Much is surely expected,

I must serve even old dames.


So if you're female and 20,

Or maybe even 21,

There is still hope for your future,

No need to become a nun.

James, 2023






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