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Vinnie B Trask

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I still hold out hope that someone will resurrect Dark Shadows and put a much darker spin on it than the Burton movie. I'd love to see it as a TV series once again on one of the streaming networks like Amazon, Netflix, etc.  And if it is, this whole idea of the original tv series being "campy" must be forgotten. It wasn't really considered "campy" then. Because of the limited budget and special effects that they had back then, it didn't hold up well over time. And the original surely never had any comical inclinations as the Burton movie did. 

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I expected better from Tim Burton.  He made DS into a farce.

I agree with Craig. 

A serious interpretation of DS would be great. 

The mother of a childhood friend who lived down the street watched DS, so that's where I got to see it.

It was kind of cool as their home was decorated in that heavy 1960's-1970's Mediterranean Revival style with dark, heavy & ornately carved furniture with the obligatory red velvet.

My mom never watched a soap opera in her life.  She was too busy being a scholar, so the soaps were never on our TV.

My grandmother got me hooked on GH at her house.

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