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Lew, thanks for all you do for this site.  We take you for granted maybe too much, but you make the blood flow here with your humor pieces, your decency and your work in digging out interesting stuff to post in the various sections.

But most importantly, have a FUN DAY !


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P.S. re: Lew's deleted post

I saw zero wrong with it. It was some hard hitting fun that in the past most all  would never have taken offense to, in my opinion. But we live in a different more uptight and narcissistic world, and maybe that has rubbed off on many of us.

For fairness I wanted to balance this issue with my honest take.

If we continue to be overly sensitive and beat up those who are talented with humor, we will continue to scare these guys away, as has happened nationally...... at a time when non pc humor is so so badly needed to break thru the yoke of fear we live under. Seinfeld and others have said similar.



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9 hours ago, Lew Bundles said:

My first act of moderating…Sorry if my post wasn’t taken in the spirit that it was written…Apologies to all offended…

 I wasn't offended Lew,  Just my lack of knowledge about moderators and mostly my naiveté led me to believe it was possibly a joke.  But I will officially congratulate you here: Congratulations Lew Bundles on becoming the most recent moderator!

Rhonda B.

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