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I'm a big fan of REWOUND RADIO.  Knowing our love of powerpop and top 40 music of the 60's and 70's I think you will, too..   This week the station is counting down EVERY song voted for to compile their annual Top 77 songs of all time survey.  Yes....over the next week they will play EVERY song voted for.   Right now (3:15 Eastern on 12/26), they are counting down the Top 77.  They just played GATW.  It came in at #38....about the same spot as last year.  Between now and Jan 2 they'll be playing the widest variety of oldies...some you haven't heard in years.  It's a blast to listen to...and it's commercial free!   IWBWY, Let's Pretend will definitely get played (cuz I voted for 'em!!), along your favorite forgotten oldies as well.   Tune in and enjoy!   Happy holidays!  Dave.   


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Nice! I noticed a mention of WLS-AM radio station on that website. That's the big 50,000 watt station that played the Top 40 hits in rotation back in the day (my childhood and teenage years - 60's and 70's) before it switched to talk radio. During those years, they would always play the top 100 songs in a countdown every New Year's Eve. I'm sure that's where I first heard Raspberries' hits. 💖

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