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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - to all EC supporters! My 2022 wish to you all!

Helen G

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One of the things we do as part of our music publishing / services business is to create learning / practice tracks for our clients (choruses or choirs and/or quartets around the world). One of our choral ensemble clients commissioned us to do "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" earlier this fall so they'd have time for their singers to learn it and include in their 2022 holiday season performances. These groups typically have a lot of great amateur ear singers who can't sightread music very well, but have time to practice their individual vocal parts (high harmony, melody, middle harmony, low harmony) on their own prior to getting together for group rehearsals. For those who might have read and remembered my earlier posts about using EC/Raspberries songs like "Let's Pretend" in the original key to warm up on the way to my rehearsals and gigs, I'm singing all four vocal parts here but the top high harmony is kind of my "natural" part - it's a very easy vocal float for me on the "countertenor" high notes. 😉 

I went ahead and converted it on SoundCloud to share here with you all! 

Happy holidays to you all! - Helen Giallombardo


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Merry Christmas everyone on the EricCarmen site. Last year at this time I was just elated with all of those nice little tunes  Santa had waiting for us here....unheard/unreleased Eric tunes that filled my heart with great joy. That was my 1st Christmas experience here. I wonder what awaits us this year.   Santa, I think a good majority of us have been very good this year.

 Can't wait...🎅🎄🎁

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