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A more optimistic take..


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I´ve posted often re: the horrible trends I see our nation and culture riding on.

But here I´d like us to post on areas where we feel we´ve improved as a nation and a culture over the last couple decades or more.


1.  We are very much more sensitive to the cost of war, and much more discriminating with respect to supporting a war or not. This has its downsides as sometimes we go over the line, but overall it´s a massive improvement in the United States of America, imho.

2. Health - on the positive side, our culture is much more geared to healthy foods, and private enterprise has supplied the goods for a healthy lifestyle. Love this improvement.

3. Environment - while environmentalists overall today are difficult to trust as, imho, they have no balance and see the issue as a religion,....the overall sensitivity of us as a people to the importance of the environment, and the care we should put into its mainenance, is greater than in the past.

I´m sure I´ll think of more.

You guys?

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