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Lew Bundles-Moderator hopes…R.I.P.

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Lew, I´m thinking of starting a new forum, it will be called James.com.forum. It´s where we will discuss all things James (my favorite topic). 

Lewisa has suggested you as Moderator (she wants to give you something to do so you will cease begging her to come back to you, ..she wants to be able to enjoy her pleasure (James) without experiencing any pain (Lew)  in peace ).

Anyway, I am in agreement with her. I see your Moderator talent and look forward to recognizing it with an offer to moderate James.com.forum.

We will be a wild west type forum, so there will be no need to delete anything, though if some chicks come on and demand to scabooby with James, I will expect you to protect me from this mob. Maybe you could disguise yourself as James?... to divert the flow of chicks from filled-to-capacity James. Though on 2nd thought that might not work as these chicks tend to identify based on smell and stuff of the senses like that. As you know chicks seem to know everything so it´s hard to deceive them.


P.S. what was the question?


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James, I am flattered by your offer and it does have some merit…

But, I am at a crossroads with this moderating thing…

I am really considering taking you up on your offer, but first, whenever I am in peril,  I turn to the “good book” for inspiration and I found a passage that has helped me come to terms with my snubbing here…

It’s a pretty good lesson in life and I will share it all with you…

It comes from the gospel according to Lew and take from it what you may…

”A black man walks into a bar and orders a drink…The bartender says we don’t serve your kind here and throws him out into the street…

The black man dusts himself off, goes back into the bar and says, I want a drink…The bartender says “we don’t serve your kind here” and throws him out into the street…

The black man climbs in through the back window, goes up to the bar and says, “I want a drink”..,The bartender says “we don’t serve your kind here” and throws him back out into the street…

This scene is repeated 44 more times, all with the same result…

On the 48th time, the black man, bedraggled and battered, walks into the bar again and says” I want a drink “..,The bartender says “we don’t serve your kind here and throws him out into the street…

The black man gets up off the ground, dusts himself off, and starts to walk away from the bar..,

A young boy runs up to him and says, “ hey mister…I saw you get thrown out 48 times, but you always got up and walked back in…Why after the 49th time have you decided to walk away”?

The black man responded, “ I don’t think they want me in there”…

And so it goes…B1D66264-1E33-4F27-805F-A925BEC84ED3.jpeg.74ad0be6735eff5b00df4cab9b715e4b.jpeg

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I posted this favorite photo of mine because:

1. I if we get thrown into Cartoon World, or deleted, at least it will have been worth it.

   ( it's true, I'm always thinking )

2. I'm worried about the job security of our Moderators, ...gotta give them something to do so as to avoid them being laid off.

De nada,

: )

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23 hours ago, Kirk said:

It's still possible that this thread could find its way to Cartoon World- that would be a first- a dead person changing categories...

I'm still moderator-in-training, so I'm learning just how far folks can tippy toe up to the line before the regular forum's G rating is jeopardized, and the offender must be thrown to Cartoon World purgatory.

At least Bernie has refrained from creating something like FB jail.

Many of my fellow animal rescuers have "done time" for exposing explicit animal cruelty.

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